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The Stuck Beauty Ideal

In light of women’s history month, I thought I would pick a feminist topic to blog about this week.

For decades, mainstream media has portrayed a view of women that has been hard on us. Recently, I watched a documentary on Netflix called This Changes Everything, and it provides a big reveal on why the feminine beauty ideal is the way it is. When acting on film first began, it was a creative and female-dominated industry. In the 1930s, soundstages became a requirement as technology advanced, which required male physical labor. At this point in time, Mel Brooks was quoted in the documentary, calling out the industry by claiming that “we” are writing women out of Hollywood. He was talking about policy.

As Kurt Vonnegut might say, “so it goes…”

It is unfortunate to have to explain certain things about our humanness, but sometimes, the obvious slips by all too effortlessly. Evolutionarily speaking, young women have the most eggs and the most ability to reproduce, hence men of all ages are oftentimes most attracted to this group of humans. Now, we have amassed decades of media where most of the female Hollywood stars have been youthful, thin/skinny women in order to give men what they want. Not only is this human subgroup most fertile, but also they are generally unaware of the power men have over them physically (and if they are older, possibly mentally as well). I understand wanting to be attractive versus unattractive, but if attractive means seeming young and naive, is that something we as women want to aspire to?

So it goes…

In recent years, I have seen some changes in pieces of media and film, but the lingering effects of this influence remain largely unchanged. By writing this post, I simply want to remind readers of what you know. Empowerment does not take away the hurt and pain that has been brought on by unknown forces, but in realizing you have been a victim you can transform your circumstances. Empowerment is about revealing perpetrations of abuse and using knowledge as a mode of transformation. If this post helps anyone at all in any way, then I have done a good job.

And so it goes…

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