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It brings me great joy to provide mental health therapy sessions to both children and adults in Colorado.  There is so much opportunity to get in touch with nature and that is an integral part of Sandy Days Counseling.  As an LPCC, I offer sand tray therapy for individuals ages seven and up as well as various methods of existential talk therapy for adults, and mindfulness instruction.  

First and foremost, I am here to listen empathically and without judgment to whatever material you bring to our sessions.  With sand tray therapy (also called sand play therapy), individuals can get in touch with their real or hidden inner child in order to help us examine life scenarios and see what we can learn from them.  It is a grounding, creative, expressive, and exploratory method to help individuals learn to attune to themselves and others on a deeper level, allowing for more focused attention and an improved capacity for relationships.  Sand tray is a safe approach to addressing traumatic memories or defining stressful situations.  Through existential talk, I help individuals discover a stronger sense of empowerment by focusing on the acceptance of emotions and reality.  I also use various mindfulness methods to instruct individuals on how to cope with pain and other bodily disturbances.



Our health is so important, and my life journey has made me realize how physical and mental health can be so mysteriously connected.  When we spend time in nature, either through activity or passive observation, we are reminded of this truth.  My priority is to create a safe place in counseling where individuals can find solace in verbal or creative expression and explore what might be causing feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, focus, mood disturbance, and physical pain.

My experience in clinical counseling has been through private practice as well as crisis center work.  My own business is new, but I am not new to the industry of private practice, and I feel passionate about working with individuals in need of help dealing with chronic illness.  In my years teaching Spanish and English in public schools, I discovered the importance of emotional attunement for both children and adults.  Also, I learned how every person learns in their own wonderfully unique ways, meaning we are all a little bit different than others.  Schedule a free consultation, and let's chat to figure out what we can do to set you on a higher path.

Se habla español también.  Llame ahora para una consulta gratuita: 970-456-7234.

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