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I am now certified as a neurofeedback basic trainer and can provide mobile sessions for the same rate as psychotherapy sessions.  The NeurOptimal® system is FDA-approved and is the most advanced neurofeedback device available.  Sensors are placed on your head while you listen to music that matches a visual aid on a screen.  The sensors detect maladaptive brainwave patterns causing the music to cut out; these interruptions serve as a method of showing the brainwaves how to function more optimally.  

Existential talk therapy

I listen to your stories as an unbiased, nonjudgmental observer of your experience.  With empathy, I respond to help you make the necessary changes to achieve greater happiness and well-being.  Whether you want a solutions-focused approach or to create a narrative of your life, I act as a guide to help you realize what you can accept and what you can change.

Solution-Focused Behavior Therapy

This approach is something that I learned that I excel at through my internship at the Aspen Hope Center, working in crisis and talk therapy.  Sometimes, we simply do not have the time or money to get to the bottom of every issue we face, but a few sessions to simply figure out your path of least resistance can provide ample support in helping you to meet personal or financial goals.

Mindfulness instruction

Mindfulness integration is very helpful for many anxiety disorders.  There are various meditations and mindfulness techniques that I teach to individuals of varying ages.  When we learn to live and accept physical and emotional pain, we are better able to manage it.

Sand tray therapy

Sand tray therapy was initially created by Margaret Lowenfeld and further adapted by Dora Kalff to offer various approaches for children and adults to use a lighthearted method to process traumatic material.  While it can be a great, soothing approach for children, it is found to be quite helpful to adults as well.

Walk and talk sessions

Local clients have the opportunity to do walk-and-talk sessions.  There are various trails where we can meet up around Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, and New Castle.  This is a great option for individuals who benefit from processing emotions while using both sides of the body (look up bilateral stimulation).  Exercise is one of the most important activities we need for optimal health and one of the first to be de-prioritized when we are feeling stressed.

Music therapy

This is a very basic but helpful method of providing therapy.  Whether through listening to music in sessions to help you articulate feelings or teaching ukulele and guitar to kids and adults.  The therapeutic advantages of music can certainly be explored in your sessions with me.

Telemental health

There are several reasons why doing telehealth sessions could be the right option for you.  If you have difficulty traveling for any reason, or perhaps you simply prefer the convenience of being able to do therapy in the comfort of your own home, you can get weekly therapy through various online platforms that are HIPAA compliant. I currently use GoToMeeting, Doxy, as well as Zoom.  

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